Welcome to the US Taekwondo Grandmaster Society

The USTGS is a non-profit organization created to promote Taekwondo and its teachings in the United States. It is the wish of all members of the US Taekwondo Grandmaster Society that this site will become a valuable resource to martial artists everywhere as you gain a better understanding of what theUSTGS represents, our mission, our goals and our accomplishments..

What's New?

We invite you to attend the twelfth anniversary meeting of the US Taekwondo Grandmaster Society! We will be meeting May 9-11 in Dallas, TX to celebrate the past year and plan for the future. We will be offering seminars in health, business, and Taekwondo instruction in poomse. We hope to see you there!

We want to thank everyone who attended the eleventh anniversary meeting - this represents a milestone for our organization, both personally and professionally. The past eleven years have allowed us to celebrate the achievements of our Hall of Fame recipients as well as spread the appreciation of Taekwondo throughout the world, and we thank you all for your support and dedication.

2012 Grandmasters Society Meeting Program Cover We wish to extend special congratulations to the 2013 8th Hall of Fame Awards Recipients.

Pioneer Award
Grandmaster Richard Chun

Lifetime Achievement Award
Grandmaster Hyo Kun Bai

Lifetime Achievement Award
Grandmaster Bok Sung Choi

Lifetime Achievement Award
Grandmaster William Yang

Outstanding Leadership Award
Grandmaster Byung Min Kim

Ambassador Award
Grandmaster Hyeon Kon Lee

Literary Achievement Award
Grandmaster Myung Kang Lee

Peace Award
Dr. George Vitale

Coach of the Year Award
Grandmaster Byung Won Kang

Discipleship Award
Master Michael Vasquez